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Centenary 2015

The countdown has begun to April 2015; planning is well underway & many past residents have already expressed interest in the special Coober Pedy centenary program. We have a range of events & activities organised. 

Coober Pedy, the “Opal Capital of the World”, is celebrating its Centenary in 2015! Throughout the year there are a number of exciting activities, projects and events planned celebrating the unique history of the town and its culturally diverse community. Annual events including Australia Day, Coober Pedy Opal Festival, Gem Trade Show, The GREAT Breakaways Marathon and the Coober Pedy Races & Gymkhana will all be included in the Centenary events calendar. Special events and projects currently include; the Centenary Launch, Centenary Street Party & Multicultural Festival, 100 Year Ball, Welcome Back to Coober Pedy, Mosaic Centennial Garden, oral histories, photo display, commemorative souvenirs and calendars, pictorial book of Coober Pedy, window shop displays and a cookbook.

The Centenary year will provide many opportunities for locals to share a relaxed and social environment with visitors. There will be events aimed at attracting past residents back to visit this unique town and with word already spreading, we expect attendance to be high. The average length of stay in the town of usually two nights would provide significant economic benefit for Coober Pedy.

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