Council Agenda and Minutes

November 21 2017
.pdf Agenda 21st November 2017 Agendas
November 10 2017
.pdf Agenda 10th November 2017 Agendas
.pdf Minutes 10th November 2017 SCM Minutes
October 24 2017
.pdf Minutes 24th October 2017 Minutes
October 17 2017
.pdf Agenda 17th October 2017 Agendas
.pdf Meeting rescheduled to 24th October 2017 Agendas
.pdf Draft Conditions of Connection, Sale and Supply Contract Reports
.pdf Draft Grand Guidelines and Procedure Reports
.pdf Draft Hardship Policy for Electricity Customers Reports
.pdf Sealing Aggregate Report Reports
September 19 2017
.pdf Agenda 19th September 2017 Agendas
.pdf Late Agenda Item Reports
.pdf Minutes 19th September 2017 Minutes
.pdf Minutes 19th September 2017 signed Minutes
September 11 2017
.pdf Agenda 11th September 2017 SCM Agendas
.pdf Minutes 11th September 2017 SCM Minutes
August 31 2017
.pdf Agenda 31st August 2017 SCM Budget Agendas
.pdf Annual Business Plan & Annual Budget 2017-18 Reports
.pdf Annual Compliance Report Electricity Operations Reports
.pdf Minutes 31st August 2017 SCM Budget Minutes
August 15 2017
.pdf Agenda 15th August 2017 Agendas
.pdf Coober Pedy Renewable Hybrid Project Report Reports
.pdf Reports from Audit Committee Reports
.pdf Minutes 15th August 2017 Minutes
August 9 2017
.pdf Agenda 9th August 2017 SCM Agendas
.pdf Draft Annual Business Plan 2017/2018 Reports
.pdf Minutes 9th August 2017 SCM Minutes
July 18 2017
.pdf Agenda 18th July 2017 Agendas
.pdf Minutes 18th July 2017 Minutes
July 3 2017
.pdf Agenda 3rd July 2017 SCM Agendas
.pdf Minutes 3rd July 2017 Minutes
June 26 2017
.pdf Agenda 2 - 26th June 2017 SCM Agendas
.pdf Agenda 26th June 2017 SCM Agendas
.pdf Financial Reports Reports
.pdf Minutes 26th June 2017 SCM Minutes
.pdf Minutes 26th June 2017 SCM (2) Minutes
June 20 2017
.pdf Agenda 20th June 2017 Minutes
.pdf Distributed Generation Policy - DCCP draft Minutes
.pdf Energy Developments - DCCP Monthly Report Minutes
.pdf Expression of Interest - Breakaways Board Minutes
.pdf Minutes 20th June 2017 Minutes
.pdf Youth Shed Vehicle Minutes
June 14 2017
.pdf Agenda 14th June 2017 Minutes
.pdf Minutes 14th June 2017 SCM Minutes
May 19 2017
.pdf Agenda 19th May 2017 SCM Agendas
.pdf Minutes 19th May 2017 SCM Minutes
May 16 2017
.pdf Agenda 16th May 2017 Agendas
.pdf EDL Report Reports
.pdf Information re Un named Road Reports
.pdf Minutes Works Committee Reports
.pdf Minutes 16th May 2017 Minutes
.pdf Minutes 17th May 2017 Minutes
May 5 2017
.pdf Agenda 5th May 2017 SCM Agendas
.pdf Ombudsman SA Right of Review Reports
.pdf Minutes 5th May 2017 SCM Minutes
April 20 2017
.pdf Agenda 20th April 2017 SCM Agendas
.pdf Minutes 20th April 2017 SCM Minutes
April 18 2017
.pdf Agenda 18th April 2017 Agendas
.pdf Minutes 18th April 2017 Minutes
April 6 2017
.pdf Agenda 6th April 2017 SCM Agendas
.pdf Elector Representation Review Options Paper Reports
.pdf Minister Brock Letter 16 03 2017 Reports
.pdf Minister Brock Letter 4 8 2016 Reports
.pdf Minister Brock Letter 7 10 2016 Reports
.pdf Response 28 08 2016 Reports
.pdf Response 3 02 2017 Reports
.pdf Minutes 6th April 2017 SCM Minutes
March 31 2017
.pdf Agenda 31st March 2017 SCM Agendas
.pdf Minutes 31st March 2017 SCM Minutes
March 30 2017
.pdf Notice of Informal Gathering 30th March 2017 Agendas
.pdf Section 270 Review Report Reports
March 21 2017
.pdf Agenda 21st March 2017 Agendas
.pdf Minutes 21st March 2017 Minutes
March 6 2017
.pdf Agenda 6th March 2017 SCM Agendas
.pdf Minutes 6th March 2017 SCM Minutes
February 21 2017
.pdf Agenda 21st February 2017 Agendas
.pdf Minutes 21st February 2017 Minutes
February 2 2017
.pdf Agenda 2nd February 2017 Agendas
.pdf Minutes 2nd February 2017 SCM Minutes
January 30 2017
.pdf Agenda 30th January 2017 SCM Agendas
.pdf Minutes 30th january 2017 SCM Minutes
January 24 2017
.pdf Agenda 24th January 2017 Agendas
.pdf Coober Pedy Works Committee Terms of Reference Reports
.pdf Letter from Hon Stephen Mulligan MP Reports
.pdf Minutes 24th January 2017 Minutes

Archived Agenda and Minutes

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