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Waste Depot

Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri 1pm - 4pm
Sat-Sun 9am - 1pm


Car Sedan: $5.00/load+GST
Station wagon/van $10.00/load+GST
Ute only or up to 6x4 trailers only $15.00/load+GST
Ute only & up to 6x4 trailers $20.00/load+GST
6x4 trailer with cage $25.00/load+GST
Ute only or up to 7x4 trailers only $25.00/load+GST
Ute only & up to 7x4 trailers $30.00/load+GST
8x5 trailers $30.00/load+GST
8x5 trailers with cage $40.00/load+GST
Ute plus 8x5 trailer $45.00/load+GST
Ute plus 8x5 trailer with cage $55.00/load+GST
2 to 5 ton single axel truck and skip bins $70.00/load+GST
5 to 10 ton singe axel truck $90.00/load+GST
10 to 20 ton tandem truck or semi trailer $120.00/load+GST
Road train and 20 plus ton trucks $200.00/load+GST
Car tyre dumping fees $5.00/tyre+GST
4x4 tyre dumping fees $10.00/tyre+GST
Truck tyre dumping fees $15.00/tyre+GST
Earth moving equipment tyre dumping fees domestic     $50.00/tyre+GST  



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