Council Minutes

November 24 2016
.pdf Agenda 24th November 2016 SCM Agendas
.pdf Minutes 24th November 2016 SCM Minutes
November 21 2016
.pdf Agenda 21st Nov 2016 SCM Agendas
.pdf Minutes 21st November 2016 SCM Minutes
November 15 2016
.pdf Agenda 15th of November 2016 Agendas
.pdf Audit Committee Minutes Agendas
.pdf Informal Gatherings Policy Agendas
.pdf Letter Regarding Christmas Street Party Agendas
.pdf Mayors Report Attachment 1 Agendas
.pdf Mayors Report Attachment 2 Agendas
.pdf Mayors Report Attachment 3 Agendas
.pdf Minutes 15th November 2016 Minutes
November 10 2016
.pdf Audit Committee Agenda - 10th November 2016 Agendas
.pdf Item 2.1 - Audit Committee Work Program Agendas
.pdf Item 3.1 - Terms of Reference Audit Committee Agendas
.pdf Item 3.4 - Auditor Independence Certificate Agendas
November 8 2016
.pdf 8th November 2016 SCM Agendas
.pdf Minutes 8th November 2016 SCM Minutes
November 7 2016
.pdf Notice of Informal Discussion 7th November 2016 Agendas
.pdf Special Council meeting Agendas
.pdf Minutes 7th November 2016 SCM Minutes
October 18 2016
.pdf Agenda 18th October 2016 Agendas
.pdf Minutes 18th October 2016 Minutes
October 7 2016
.pdf Agenda 7th October 2016 SCM Agendas
September 29 2016
.pdf Agenda 29th September 2016 SCM Agendas
September 20 2016
.pdf Agenda 20th September 2016 Agendas
.pdf Minutes 20th September 2016 Minutes
September 15 2016
.pdf Agenda 15th September 2016 SCM Agendas
.pdf Minutes 15th September 2016 SCM Minutes
August 16 2016
.pdf Agenda 16th August 2016 Agendas
.pdf Annual Business Plan 2016/17 Reports
.pdf Annual Compliance Report Reports
.pdf Annual Report final draft 2014/15 Reports
.pdf Customer Charter Reports
.pdf Customer Complaints and Dispute Reports
.pdf Fees & Charges Schedule Reports
.pdf Hardship Policy for Water Reports
.pdf RDAFN- LGA Core Funding agreement Reports
.pdf RDAFN-Tourism service delivery funding Reports
.pdf Minutes 16th August 2016 Minutes
July 19 2016
.pdf Agenda 19th July 2016 Agendas
.pdf Draft Audit Committee Policy Reports
.pdf Draft Audit Committee Terms of Reference Reports
.pdf Draft Public Consultation Annual Business Plan 2016-17 Reports
.pdf Minutes 19th July 2016 Minutes
July 11 2016
.pdf Agenda 11th July 2016 SCM Agendas
.pdf Minutes 11th July 2016 SCM Minutes
July 8 2016
.pdf Agenda 8th July 2016 SCM Agendas
.pdf Notice of Adjournment Reports
June 30 2016
.pdf Agenda 30th June 2016 SCM Agendas
.pdf Minutes 30 June 2016 SCM Minutes
June 28 2016
.pdf Agenda 28th June 2016 Agendas
.pdf Coober Pedy Regional Public Health Plan Reports
.pdf Minutes 28th June 2016 Minutes
June 8 2016
.pdf Agenda 8th June 2016 SCM Agendas
May 17 2016
.pdf Agenda 17th May 2016 Agendas
.pdf Informal Gatherings Policy Reports
.pdf Minutes 17th May 2016 Minutes
April 19 2016
.pdf Agenda 19th April m2016 Agendas
.pdf Minutes 19th April 2016 Minutes
March 21 2016
.pdf Agenda 21st March 2016 SCM Agendas
.pdf Notice Of Adjournment Reports
.pdf Minutes 21st March 2016 SCM Minutes
March 15 2016
.pdf Agenda 15th March 2016 Agendas
.pdf Attachment Reports
.pdf Reports Reports
.pdf Minutes 15th March 2016 Minutes
February 27 2016
.pdf Minutes 27th February 2016 SCM Minutes
February 23 2016
.pdf Minutes 23rd February 2016 Minutes
February 16 2016
.pdf Agenda 23rd February 2016 Agendas
.pdf Attachment Reports
.pdf Reports Reports
January 19 2016
.pdf Minutes 19th January 2016 Minutes

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