The Old Cemetery, St Nicholas Street

The cemetery appears to be in a chronological burial order up to a certain point about 1960. Because there has been no consistent controlling authority over the cemetery, and no records kept to be passed on, each subsequent authority has been unsure of what had taken place previously.

Taking note of Pastor Trager's statement regarding Aboriginal burials, it could be assumed that some of the deceased Aboriginal persons may not be buried in the cemetery. Out of the total of 68 possible sites for graves in the cemetery, only 5 are positively located. It is not known at this stage who marked out the plots with besser bricks, or who placed the old wooden crosses with indented metal name tags, or what records or plans were used to determine their placement.

It appears that it must have taken place a fair number of years after the burials as in several instances the name and/or the dates are wrong when compared to the Burial Certificates. The restoration and classification of the cemetery was adopted as an on-going project by the Coober Pedy Historical Society in 1990.

Boot Hill Cemetery, Adjacent to Flinders Street

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