Service Charges

Water Service Charges (Paid on Rates Notice)

Pursuant to Section 155 of the Local Government Act 1999, Council has declared a water service charge in the form of an access charge be set for the 2011/2012 financial year and that the access charge is to be included on the rate notice.

Access Charges have been determined as follows:

  • Vacant Land $125.00
  • Residential   $156.00
  • Business with usage last year less than 300 kilolitres(Land Use 2-7) $305.00
  • Commercial with usage last year over 300 kilolitres (Land Use 2-7)  $575.00
  • Aged Pensioner Concession (Residential - Land Use 1) $90.00
Water Usage Charges (Paid on Monthly or Bi-monthly Account)

Furthermore Council has resolved that water usage charges will be as follows:

  • Up to 50 kilolitres $4.27/kl
  • 50 kilolitres to 300 kilolitres $5.22/kl
  • 300 kilolitres and over $6.27/kl
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