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Coober Pedy Concrete

Isolated Area Specialist

Any MPA, Any slump, Any time, Anywhere*

Professional Service at a competetive price, Mixed on site as you need it.

No wastage due to overestimation, ONLY pay for what you use!

All materials meet Australian Standards 2758.1, Mobile batching unit conforms to Australian Standards for concrete.

All materials are carried in serparate compartments and mixed on site by the mobile batching unit. High production of 45 cubic metres can be achieved. Or alternatively one wheel barrow at a time. Freshly produced concrete is easy to screed, has higher early strength and gives you time to edge and finish. No more wet loads or cold joints inducing cracking in your slab. Any onsite mix design can be accommodated by this unit, as long as the materials are available pre pour.

Concrete Truck

Outback, South Australia
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