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Josephine's Gallery & Kangaroo Orphanage

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Josephine's Gallery opened in 2009 as Coober Pedy's only one-stop tourist complex.

Take the time to wander through and enjoy South Australia's largest regional Aboriginal Art Gallery. View the stunning works by both world renown and local artists, from 'fine art' investment pieces to original hand painted bookmarks - there's something for everyone.

We also stock an extensive collection of didgeridoos, boomerangs and other artefacts which are available for purchase. (Didgeridoo lessons also available).

Incorporated in the complex is an opal showroom with opal from the major Australian opal fields, including Coober Pedy. We also specialise in opals from both Mintabie Opal Field and the Seven Waterholes diggings at Lambina Opal Field. Come and view our extensive range of opal jewellery, cut stones and rough opal. Once again, we have something to suit everyone.

If you are interested in how opal is mined, take an underground tour of our opal mine and museum which is hidden below Josephine's Gallery. You can take a self-guided tour or choose to be escorted by an opal miner for a more informative visit.


The Kangaroo Orphanage located at Josephine's Gallery in Hutchison Street is a "MUST SEE" during your stay in Coober Pedy. A great opportunity to learn how this unique Australian icon, the BIG RED kangaroo, survives and prospers in the harsh conditions of the Australian Outback. Terry and Josephine have been 'kangaroo carers' for many years now, raising orphaned baby kangaroos (or 'joeys' as they are called). Thus the gallery is home to the Kangaroo Orphanage where visitors can meet the baby kangaroos twice daily (12.30 and 5pm). We also stock a range of Kangaroo souvenirs, many of which are exclusive to Josephine's Gallery.


Josephine's Gallery is operated by two families of opal miners who not only mine the opal but also cut, polish and set these beautiful stones. We bring opal direct from the ground to you.


Josephines Gallery


Josephines Gallery  Josephines Gallery




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