Coober Pedy
Opal Capital of the World


Centenary Bronze Sculpture


Artists Gillie and Marc have over 30 solo exhibitions worldwide, in Australia, New York, London and Singapore. They have been commissioned for many public spaces for hotels, galleries, building foyers, hospitals, and outdoor malls and have recently been commissioned by several large interior design companies in China, Singapore and New York.

Life size sculptures, similar to the one proposed, sell for $80,000 upwards, however Gillie and Marc have generously offered to only charge for materials ($20,000-$40,000) and transportation of the sculpture ($3,000-$4,000). They will be donating hundreds of hours of their own time creating, moulding and sculpting. For more information visit their website - Through community consultation, Coober Pedy residents have indicated that they would like a bronze life size generic miner (hard hat, pick, etc) up to 180cm tall. This project will only proceed if costs are covered by way of sponsorship/grants.

Mosaic Garden


In an effort to beautify the main street of Coober Pedy a ‘mosaic centennial garden’ will be created in front of the Lions rotunda. There will be 6 mosaics of various significant themes (miner’s hat, local floral/fauna, etc). Different Coober Pedy groups have been approached to make the mosaics under the guidance of the Coober Pedy Mosaic Group. A seventh stone at the entrance to the garden will tell the story of the mosaics and list the artists. Seating for tourists and locals will be placed at the centre of the garden. The Centenary Committee would also like to build a construction to provide shade for the garden to encourage locals and visitors to enjoy the mosaics.

Additional projects include, but are not limited to: oral histories, photo display, school history resource pack, commemorative souvenirs & calendars, pictorial book of Coober Pedy, window front displays, film night and Centenary Cookbook.

Outback, South Australia
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