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Breakaways Bolt

2014 GREAT Breakaways Bolt

The 'Bolt' is a testament to the community spirit that is still alive today. There was doubt this day would happen with only 14 people registered the day before forms were due. The Bolt Committee are still deciding where the money raised will go; we don’t know exactly how much has been raised as there may still be extra donations. Both the amount raised & which community group or cause the money is going to will be announced on Facebook and in the July Council Newsletter. 

I would like to say a huge thank you to all of the volunteers who gave their time for this event, it could not have happened without you. Thanks to Jayde & your meticulous record keeping which has made this day an easy day to organize.

I would also like to thank all the Businesses and Companies in the community that have helped make this event possible, not just this year but every year. 
Our major sponsors for 2014 were: 
District Council of Coober Pedy 
Oz Minerals 
IMX Resources 
Arrium Mining 
Exact Mining 
The Miners Store
IGA Supermarket 
Shell Coober Pedy
GT Signs 
Mine Rescue Squad / SES Coober Pedy 
John’s Pizza Bar & Restaurant 

The prize money was donated by Oz Minerals, IMX Resources, Arrium Mining & The Coober Pedy Sport & Rec Committee for the male and female, runners and cyclists who came in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. 

3rd Male Cyclist: tie between Sebastion Clark, Hugh Bulotano & Joshua Carboni, with time of 3hrs 28min
3rd Female Cyclist: Beverly Mason, with time of 4hrs 16min
3rd Male Runner: Clint Indelicato, with time of 4hrs 27min
3rd Female Runner: no third 
2nd Male Cyclist: Peter Kyrtzaliotis, with time of 2hrs 19min
2nd Female Cyclist: Amandine Bachmann, with time of 2hrs 21min
2nd Male Runner: Philip Woodward, with time of 3hrs 43min
2nd Female Runner: Susie Boyd Brown, with time of 4hrs 15min
1st Male Cyclist: Damien Bachmann, with time of 1hrs 43min
1st Female Cyclist: Caris-Haf Britton, with time of 2hrs 00min
1st Male Runner: David Busutil, with time of 2hrs 36min
1st Female Runner: Tahnee Bensen, with time of 3hrs 43min
Certificates will be posted in the next couple of weeks. 

I hope that everyone enjoyed the day and will be back next year. As many of you know next year is Coober Pedy’s Centenary, so we will be looking to do something extra special in celebration.


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Lot 773 Hutchison St
PO Box 425
Coober Pedy SA 5723