Rates Notices Instalments

20th November 2020
The second, third and fourth instalment due dates on the rates notice were incorrect. Council apologises for the error.

The due dates for each instalment are:
1st instalment: 18th December 2020
2nd instalment: 5th February 2021
3rd instalment: 1st April 2021
4th instalment: 4th June 2021

If you received your notice via email, you will receive an amended copy with the correct dates.

If you received your rates notice in the post and would like an amended copy, please contact Council on (08) 8672 4600.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office on (08) 8672 4600.

If you would like to receive your rates, water and electricity notices via email from now on, please go to https://cooberpedy.ezybill.com.au/ to set up an account.