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The Breakaways are a striking & unique example of arid scenery. From the flat - topped mesas to the stony gibber desert, remnants of millions of years provide a wealth of geological interests and breathtaking views. Looking out over the breakaways it is hard to believe that over 70 million years ago, a vast inland sea covered the area. The region is rich in Aboriginal and European history and is home to an array of native fauna and flora, which have successfully adapted to one of the world's harshest environments. Definitely one of Outback South Australia's best-kept secrets!
Location: approximately 33km north of Coober Pedy.

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If you are visitng the park with a tour group please ensure they are a licenced commercial tour operators. 

Commercial Tour Operators require a licence to operate within the Kanku - Breakaways Conservation Park.  A licence can be obtained by contacting the Executive Officer, Breakaways Co-managmeent Board 0499982999 or email breakaways@cpcouncil.sa.gov.au.

Licensed Commercial Tour Operators are:

O'Shannessy's quality tours 
www.oshannessys.com.au email:enquiries@oshannessys.com.au Ph: 03 59852377

Big 4 Stuart Range Outback Resort
www.stuartrangeoutbackresort.com.au  email:admin@stuartrange.com.au Ph: 08 86725179

Sacred Earth Safaris
www.sacredearthsafaris.com.au email:info@sacredearthsafaris.com.au Ph: 08 8536 2234

Premier Stateliner Coach Group
www.premierstateliner.com.au email:admin@premierstatliner.com.au Ph: 08 84155500

Desert Cave Hotel
www.desertcave.com.au email:reserve@desertcave.com.au  Ph: 08 8672 5688

Noble Tours Australia
www.nobletoursaustralia.com.au  email:nobletoursaustralia@gmail.com  Ph: 0499500932

Kanga Coachlines
www.kangakan.com.au  email: team@kangakan.com.au  Ph: 08 82625111

Oasis Tours
email: oasiscooberpedy@bigpond.com  Ph: 08 86725169


All commercial filming and photography in the park must be done under a special permit with a cultural heritage guide present.

For more invormation on Commercial Tour Operator licencing and Commercial Filming/Photography contact the Executive Officer, Breakaways Conservation Park on 0499982999.

Contact Details
Lot 773 Hutchison St
PO Box 425
Coober Pedy SA 5723