Child & Parent Support Services

Children and Parenting (CaPS) Supports early intervention and prevention services and resources that are aimed at improving children’s development and wellbeing and supporting the capacity of those in a parenting role. The service has a primary focus on children aged 0-12 but may include children up to the age of 18.

CaPS Facilitates its programs out of the Youth Shed building and supports other Child and Parenting programs & activities in Coober Pedy.

Mums & Bubs Group

The Mums and Bubs Group aims at providing a space where families have a safe, fun and engaging environment with staff whom are approachable, engaging and have skills and knowledge around child development. This activity has family focus, providing the space and tools for families to participate with others, and/or workers. Parents are involved in planning to create insight/awareness of how programs are provided. In this space we invite other agencies to participate in the group, such as Uniting Countries SA Financial Councillor, talking with families about income & expenditure, and assistance with how they can work together to achieve outcomes for the families. Through the group an objective is to support the connection between participants and other organisation to address their needs. The activity aims to provide:

  • Practical skills activities - with daily living
  • Listening and identifying the needs of the participants.
  • One on one transference of knowledge and skills to parents and children.
  • Identifying appropriate referrals for participants.
  • Community connection through group activities.
  • Support strategies: emotional, social and psychological
  • Safety

Little Musicians

Little Musicians is delivered at the Coober Pedy Kindy, introducing parents and children into the Community School. This is a great opportunity for children to engage with others in a safe and educational area. Children and Parents are introduced and become familiar with the Kindy Staff, and awareness and comfortability with the entering the school grounds. Little Musicians Aims to:

  • To provide educational experiences through music and dance. These include language and speech development, mathematical development, manual dexterity, gross motor skills, and enhance creativity.
  • Provide social interaction for the children and staff in a structured manner.
  • Strengthening social bonds through shared (and sometime challenging) experiences

During the next 12 months we will continue two sessions during the week Tuesdays @ the Coober Pedy Area School Kindy and Saturdays @ the Youth Centre.  Engaging Mothers, Fathers, Aunties, Uncles and Grandparents as well as children and babies.

One on One support / home to home support

One on one sessions are provided for those that wish to engage in goal focused intervention. The Attendee chooses the goals, working together with the Child and Parent Facilitator, and bringing together the services around the attendee to achieve the client’s goals. Sessions will revolve around:

Individual circumstances

  • Budgeting
  • Problem solving
  • Targets and outcomes
  • Outcomes and goal settings
  • Strategies

Engaging in other activities provided by other organisations

  • Baby Bounce a rhyming and storytelling program provided by the Library.
  • Community Playgroup – supported by parents of the community.

We will facilitate requested transportation, requested information for parents such as issues they are currently experiencing with Child and Youth Health and Development, connections with other services.

Support at Local Yearly Events

The Opal Festival, Great Breakaways Marathon, Coober Pedy Gymkhana and Races. These events are family orientated and CaPS program provides a space where Parents and Children are welcome. We provide free water, sunscreen and age appropriate activities for parents and children.  Rest and Respite area with Breast feeding facilities.

Communication with the community and information sharing

  • Posters around town
  • Website update
  • Newsletter
  • Inter-agency meeting and collaboration

If you wish to view up coming session times please visit our Events Calendar and like us on Facebook for more information.

The facilitators Trish and Gwen can be contacted on: