Rates Payments

Payment of rates will be payable quarterly.

A quarterly notice will be issued to the ratepayer within 30 to 60 days of the due date for each quarter.

Payment options

Any ratepayer who may, or is likely to, experience difficulty with meeting the standard payment arrangements is invited to contact Council’s Revenue Officer on 08 8672 4600 to discuss alternative payment arrangements. Such inquiries are treated confidentially by the Council.

In case of hardship, please refer to Council's Hardship Policy for Rates.

Late Payments

Rates will be regarded as arrears when an instalment of rates is not paid on or before the due date, and

  • Councils impose a penalty of a 2% fine on any payment for rates, whether instalment or otherwise, that is received late.
  • At the end of each full month a payment that continues to be late is then charged an interest rate, set each year according to a formula in the Act.

The Council issues a final notice for payment of rates when rates are overdue i.e. unpaid by the due date. Should rates remain unpaid more than 14 days after the issue of the final notice then the Council refers the debt to a debt collection agency for collection. The debt collection agency charges collection fees that are recoverable from the ratepayer.

Recovery of Rates

When the Council receives a payment in respect of overdue rates the Council applies the money received in the following order:

  • first - to satisfy any costs awarded in connection with court proceedings;
  • second - to satisfy any interest costs;
  • third - in payment of any fines imposed;
  • fourth - in payment of rates, in chronological order (starting with the oldest account first).

For further information or assistance, please contact the Council office on 08 8672 4600.