Waste Depot

Waste Depot Opening Hours

Monday & Wednesday
12:30pm - 4:00pm

9:00am - 1:00pm

Closed Public Holidays

PLEASE NOTE: Dump fees need to be pre-paid at the District Council Administration Office or Works Depot before traveling to the Waste Depot.

Waste Depot Fees




Station Wagon/Van


Ute only or up to 6x4 Trailers only

$ 16.00

Ute & up to 6 x 4 Trailers only

$ 26.00

6x4 Trailer with Cage

$ 26.00

Ute & 6x4 Trailer with Cage

$ 31.00

7x4 Trailers only

$ 31.00

Ute & 7x4 Trailer only

$ 36.00

7x4 Trailer with Cage

$ 36.00

Ute & 7x4 Trailer with Cage

$ 41.00

8x5 Trailers

$ 36.00

8x5 Trailer with Cage

$ 46.00

Ute plus 8x5 Trailer

$ 51.00

Ute plus 8x5 Trailer with Cage

$ 57.00

Car Tyre Storage fees

$  9.00

4 x 4 Tyre Storage fees

$  16.00

Truck Tyre Storage fees

$   29.00

Earth Moving equipment Tyre   Storage

$   79.00

All electrical items as well as fridges, freezers and air conditioners are to be taken to the Works Department at the Works Depot for dumping. There is NO FEE.

All fridges and freezers will be inspected to ensure that the unit is clear of foodstuff before unloading.

Dumping fees to be calculated at $16.00/tonne Local Waste & $134.00/tonne Non-Local Waste

All Out of Dump Operating Hours dumping will be calculated at a minimum fee of $48.00 (3 tonne minimum)

All Trucks that have not be weighed off on the DCCP Weighbridge will be charged at the vehicles maximum Gross Mass Limit ( (GVM-UL = GML)

Solid Asbestos Waste - Resident & Ratepayer per tonne



$ 337.00


$ 337.00

Without a licence, a contractor is only permitted to remove up to 10m2 of non-friable asbestos or associated dust or debris.

Commercial Quantities - Class A/B asbestos removal licence is required for asbestos dumping. The completion of all required & relevant compliance reporting is a condition of dumping.


Solid Asbestos Waste - Non Resident/Ratepayer  per tonne

$ 337.00

All Asbestos Waste dumping is at the discretion of the Works Manager